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Explore key considerations for selling your home, backed by insights from top 10 proptech companies in Australia. From market trends to seasonal nuances, make informed decisions. There are many factors you need to consider before selling your home, including:

What the market does

One of the best ways to sell your property at its higher price is to have a look at the supply and demand in the buyer’s or the seller’s market. You need to look at the number of properties similar to yours that are on the market and analyse their selling price. Are they higher or lower than you expected selling price? Is the market supply surplus or insufficient?

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The location of your Real Estate

Depending on the location and the type of your property, season changing are going to have a big impact on your selling price. Indeed, beach houses often reach a high price in summer, while a property with a beautiful garden could reach the highest price in spring. Different homes look better at different times of the year, so think about when your property looks and feels best before you list it for sale.

Your personal needs

The season is generally far from being the only factor you should consider when choosing to market your home. Sometimes you need to move in a new house or a new apartment because of personal changes in your life. If you are going to have children and need more space, or if you are getting a divorce and need less space, or for any other reasons, don’t let your desire to sell at any time of the year cloud your opinion on what will be the best overall long-term solution. If you really want to sell or need to, make it happen, regardless of the seasons. On the other hand, if you have more time, take a look at the market and the season that best suits your property.

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In order for you to know what season best suits your property, here are the main characteristics of the different seasons:


Traditionally, spring has always been a great time to sell a property, as the gardens are at their best, the weather is generally fine and there are many buyers who want to move into their new home in time for Christmas. It can also mean that there are more properties on the market, which means more competition as buyers have more choice.

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Winter and summer

Although these selling periods are generally quieter, some people prefer to sell during these periods because of reduced competition from other sellers.

On one hand, if you are selling a beach house or other waterfront property, summer is the perfect time to showcase it. Similarly, cold, dark and uninviting houses may seem much more attractive.

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On the other hand, some homes look good in winter when features such as an open fireplace or simply a warm and comfortable atmosphere can attract buyers. Just make sure you choose an inspection time that makes the most of daylight and preheat the cold spaces to present your home in the best possible light.


This is the next major selling season, again due to reasonable weather conditions, the change in colors create an inviting atmosphere during autumn. It can also be a good time to take advantage of mild weather condition.

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Navigate the real estate market with proptech startups. Whether it’s analyzing market trends or understanding seasonal impacts, leverage insights to optimize your home-selling strategy.

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