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Explore the versatile uses of aerial photography, from enhancing real estate listings and project marketing to aiding insurance assessments and archaeological site documentation. Aerial photography is a cost-effective tool used in a variety of industries from real estate and construction to insurance and archaeology. In this article we cover how aerial photography is used in several industries.

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Real estate sales
Aerial photography is a powerful tool for real estate listings. It can help you to market your property by showing potential buyers the overall size of the land, position of the home, and proximity to surrounding amenities and road networks.

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Project marketing for ‘off the plan’ sales
Aerial photography is a key ingredient in the visuals required for selling real estate prior to construction (i.e., off the plan). Aerial images are used in the creation of development plans for website and other marketing collateral and also to show the proximity to schools, shopping centres, road networks and other lifestyle amenities surrounding the development’s location.
Aeiral images are also an important part of the creation of photomontage renders, where the property to be developed in rendered and incorporated into the high-resolution photograph.

Insurance purposes
Aerial photography is also for insurance companies who are required to use aerial photos to assess damage from natural disasters and accidents, as well as vandalism.

Building inspections
Aerial photography is also useful for inspecting a building or structure. Aerial photographs can also be used to inspect the structural integrity of wind turbines.

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Documenting archaeology sites

Aerial photography can be used to document archaeological sites, and it’s also a useful technique for performing aerial surveys. Aerial surveys are conducted by taking photos from an aircraft or drone. The resulting images provide a bird’s eye view of the landscape, which can be used to identify potential archaeological sites. They can also be used to perform aerial surveys, which may include photographing farms, industrial sites, and manufacturing plants.

Construction progress
Aerial photography can be used to monitor the progress of construction sites. Construction companies use this type of imagery to get a bird’s-eye view of their work and plan how to proceed with certain areas. This is especially useful for large projects, as it allows builders from all over the world to collaborate on one project at a time.

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Unlock the potential of aerial photography in various sectors. From construction progress monitoring to archaeological surveys, it’s a cost-effective tool transforming industries. As you can see, aerial photography is a great tool to use in real estate and other industries. Our platform can provide aerial photography for your projects and then render your project into the high-resolution images for sales and marketing purposes. Get in touch with the team at for a quote and to discuss your upcoming project.

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