That’s an easy one, basically they are all the same. Virtual staging (or virtual home staging) is styling your property with furniture, virtual furniture of course. So Virtual Staging, Virtual Styling or Virtual Furniture are the same.

If you are looking to sell, or even rent your property, it’s a must. Super quick, very affordable, and that will maximise your listing visibility, as potential tenants or buyers will not only see your real property rooms, but he will see them styled, with virtual furniture. Same as with home staging by adding furniture to your property, but with up to 97% less in terms of costing!

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Actual ROI when selling a home on home staging can be up to 600% (from a AU$3,000 to AU$5,000 cost to stage your property), so virtual home staging ROI (return on interest) can be as much as 6,000 to 10,000%!

An investment of AU$200 to AU$300 on an average price property of AU$1,000,000 can definitely generate more than $10,000 to $20,000 bonus. Your potential buyers will be able to visualise the property in its best condition, and you will as well maximise the number of interest, visits, inspections, etc.

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Here are some examples of the same property room, a living room in an apartment, staged with different types of furnitures, from french chic to contemporary, modern, hamptons style, rustic style, industrial style, etc.

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Our virtual staging service starts from AU$35, and is available for residential properties as well as commercial properties, and it can also be applied for 360 virtual tours or inspections. Don’t forget as well to check our other posts about the benefits of virtual staging, and how virtual staging can improve your real estate business.

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