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Real estate is fast-paced, high-activity, and high-stress. In such an explosive industry, it can be difficult to gain a competitive advantage. As a real estate agent, you have to take a lot of factors into account in order to have an added value compared to your rivals. One of these factors is technology. The evolution of technology has led to apparition of amazing tools such as 3D modeling. It is faster and cheaper than designing or staging the building. In this article we will se some of the advantages of using 3D rending in Real Estate.

3D Rendering is appealing to clients

When you want to take a customer through a prospective design, especially if it does not yet exist or if it is impossible to browse it, it is extremely interesting to be able to see a realistic 3D rendering. Humans are inclined to appreciate shapes, dimensions and colors, so they will be very attracted to realistic 3D rendering.

3D design reflects the shape, color, style and dimension that human beings instinctively enjoy. But the most important thing is that customers can associate them with 3D design several times more than a diagram or plan, because it will give them a touch of reality.

It is cost effective

Unlike 2D plans and plastic sheets, 3D architectural design is less expensive. Indeed, if you decide to use 2D plans and plastic sheet, you will have to buy piles of papers and plastic sheets in order to create your plans. In addition to that, it takes a lot of time for designers and architects to create a sketch like this. Design is time-consuming, and redesigning is particularly time-consuming. However, if you decide to use 3D design, you will win a considerable amount of time, and in the real estate market, time is money, so being able to make immediate updates and changes to a design will reduce the time required for the entire process.

You will increase your sales by adapting to your customers’ needs

It allows you to visualize the real space that everything will take, while a line drawing only displays the numerical value of that space. Home buyers are more likely to buy a home that was virtually staged that one which was vacant or one which was physically staged. It is much easier to conceptualize the space of a door so that your couch can adapt when you can see the actual frame. In addition to visualizing the space, it allows you to choose different colors and textures and customize the space correctly to ensure that the customer or designer gets exactly what they want from it. Being able to customize and visualize the space will help create a unique space and make it easier to sell.

You can create virtual reality and augmented reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality offer an immersive experience that can be practically touched and felt. One of your customers can virtually walk into the building and into the different rooms, feel how the space flows and what the rooms look like, before you decide to buy or renovate the house. This immersive experience allows them to really engage in the property and feel what it is like to be inside it once it is completely finished. When the customers are able to interact so deeply with a house before buying it, they will feel connected to it and they will have immersed themselves in it by seeing what their own lives and objects would look like inside.

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