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Explore the cutting-edge proptech technologies transforming sustainable architecture, from BIM software to virtual reality and photorealistic 3D renders.

As sustainable architecture becomes the norm, it has become more critical than ever to understand the environmental impact of your building before it is built. Building information modeling or BIM is one of the ways to get accurate visualizations of your footprint.

3D visualization, 3D printing, and virtual reality are other methods used to map sustainability in architecture before developing a project. Read on for a discussion about the best concept technologies helping architects today.

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The role of BIM software in sustainable architecture

BIM software allows you to accurately calculate the number of materials each piece will use, helping you to streamline your design and create variations for different options according to the goals that you select. Proptech software companies such as Dynamo and Revit have features that support constraints such as how much space is needed for footpaths, the preferred direction of the sunlight, the best views, and the number of potential residents. Once you have set up your requirements, you can then run energy tests to figure out how to increase the efficiency of the entire build.

Embrace virtual reality

Presenting eco-friendly ideas to investors through virtual reality can take your showcase to the next level. BIM models are compatible with VR technology, so with a headset and a great model, your clients can walk through your entire building before a single brick is laid. If you work in a team, it can also be a simple way to ensure your people can see what you’re thinking without having to guess. Some of the software that makes this possible is Enscape or Unity Reflect. These tools allow you to view and show your model in a virtual space in real-time, so you can share changes with anyone, even if you are in a remote work environment.


The benefits of photorealism

When presenting your work to clients and stakeholders with minimal understanding of architecture, you would still like them to visualize what you are planning to create in its entirety. One of the best ways to achieve this is with photorealistic 3D renders to bring your project to life and highlight the specific green features you would like to convey to the clients.

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CGI allows you to share on a massive scale

Social media is the best platform we currently have for advertising on a large scale. You can reach potential customers all over the world. You can share your innovative green design with the world in competitions, interviews, and expos using CGI technology to display photorealistic images of your building in a way that is easy to understand and appreciate. If you are using this as an opportunity to establish or develop a brand for yourself, then showing your green building in the best light will allow clients to see it the same way you do.

Incorporate proptech tools for eco-friendly architecture. BIM, VR, and CGI redefine green building visualization for architects and clients alike.

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