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As we enter the new year it is important to think about the new trends that have started to evolve recently and what we expect to grow into year 2020. It cannot be denied that the work from home lifestyle throughout 2020 and 2021 permanently changed the housing market.

Homeowners are looking for homes that can be both living space and working space. Fitting children and pets into that mix only increases the need for a home that can do it all. Let’s discuss some of the upcoming trends in multifunctional living for 2022.

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Colour. Brown, green, blue, grey, and beige are all very on-trend at the moment. All colors that you’ll find in nature. People are enjoying a sense of warmth and tranquility. Bold, bright colors are also appreciated, but in very select areas of the home that aren’t frequented as often.

Keeping things neutral, yet interesting is essential as we spend so much time in the same space. Color-blocked wallpaper, geometric patterns, and gallery walls are all ways to bring in color variety without making the walls too busy.

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Contrast. When two items in the same area have opposing colors, shapes, or designs, they are seen as contrasting objects. Textures are a great way to bring contrast into your life. Think soft fluffy blanket on a faux leather couch. Marble alongside wood and stone. Matte next to glossy.

There are many ways to bring variety into the home to excite the eye. Adding some soft rugs, mismatched cushions, and a mix of wallpaper and paint add some spice to any home.

Comfort. Being at home all day makes you appreciate your space. Many have spent time investing in making their homes as cozy as possible. The search term “cottagecore” skyrocketed in November 2020 in the depth of lockdown and has remained a consistent trend since then.

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Nature. Along with the earthy colors and natural light, homeowners and renters are inviting even more of the outside into their homes. The indoor plant trend has taken off on TikTok and Instagram as people share photos and information about their plants, inspiring others to buy some plants.

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Vintage. Old is cool, and the older, the better. Mismatched chairs, clawfoot tubs, and reupholstered sofas from the 1920s are sought after in current interior design trends. Some prefer a boho-chic style, and often there are vintage items that fit in perfectly.

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